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Aged Cigars


The finished cigars are grouped in bundles of 50 and wrapped in absorbent paper in preparation to be aged. Usually cigars are wrapped in newspapers or in special coated paper that could also be used for cigar bundles at retail cigar stores and smoke shops. The ability to breath is what determines the paper that will be used.

The cigar bundles are then classified by types of cigars, the dates that the premium cigars were made, the tobacco blend of the cigars, and the code identifying the Roller and Master Roller who made them. 

The marked bundles of handmade cigars are carefully placed in the Aging Room for the cigar aging process. The Aging Room is temperature and humidity controlled to make sure that the different types of tobacco in the rare cigars “marry” perfectly. These walk-in humidors maintain the cigars in the perfect environment.

Cigars can age for years. Normally 90 days is sufficient for the tobacco in the cigar to be fully married, but leaving them longer in the Aging Room improves the taste. Some are aged for over two years in an effort to bring their taste to the perfect level demanded by Cuban Crafters' Master Cigar Maker, Don Kiki. He personally inspects each and every rare bundle before determining that they are ready to be packaged. After Don Kiki approves them, they are moved to the packing room. The packing room is located close to the aging room, and is also temperature and humidity controlled.