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Wholesale Tobacco Aging

Aging Tobacco. The fermented tobacco leaves are individually placed on burlap and each layer is stacked over another. They are moved to a different section of the curing house where the tobacco for the cigars ages for years. The temperature and humidity are regulated by nature and by the opening and closing of windows and vents in the aging room. Normally, the tobacco is aged for two to three years before it is manipulated again. This process mellows the tobacco’s components and transforms it into smooth and flavorful smoking cigars.

After it has been determined that the tobacco leaves are properly aged by Master Cigar Maker Don Kiki, the tobacco is taken to a select area where each leaf is hand sorted. The sorting is done by professionals that are knowledgeable about cigars and in categorizing each leaf by color, size, texture and other qualities.

The tobacco leaves are then stemmed by hand, one by one. This is a very labor intensive task and requires precision actions as any error could damage the perfect leaf.

 The stem is discarded and the wholesale tobacco leaves are placed in stacks for a second fermentation. This time the fermentation process is at higher temperatures.


Based on the classification of the tobacco leaves, the fermentation period ranges between 45 to 60 days. Impurities are once again eliminated and the tobacco leaves ready to be aged again.

 This time the stemmed leaves are placed in open cedar boxes and left in the curing house’s aging room to breath. They can be kept there for up to two years. Making the worlds best cigars requires patience.

When it is determined that they are at their prime by Master Cigar Maker Don Kiki, they are packed into bales and aged further until they are needed for rolling cigars.