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Berger & Argenti Fatso Sampler of 4 Cigars

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Berger & Argenti Fatso Sampler of 4 Cigars

Product Description

Berger & Argenti Fatso Cigars are very limited production cigars and very tasty. They have a unique and interesting almost flat shape, and lots of smooth full-body complex flavors. You'll enjoy a slight pepper spiciness that is offset by a sweet earthiness. It starts with sweet earthiness and woods, and then brings in some pepper notes. Its rich flavors include coffee, cocoa, leather and caramel notes. Fatso has a long finish that will keep you wanting another. They were in extremely high demand while available. Due to the lack of availability of the prime, aged tobacco needed to make them, they became extinct for a while. Now they're back and only available through Cuban Crafters. We don't know how long we'll have them in stock so hurry and get yours while you can.

Fatso Cigars have a beautiful dark Cuban-seed Habano wrapper with a nice silky sheen texture. The perfect draw and three tier cap make this ultra-premium a must-have in your evening cigar rotation. Fatso provides a robust, wonderfully complex cigar smoking experience that offers incredible value for cigar enthusiasts.  In this sampler you'll enjoy one of each; Fatso Dipper 4 X 62, Fatso Puddin 4 1/2 X 64, Fatso Buttlerball 6 X 70, and a Fatso Bufflehead 5 1/2 X 68. These 4 super-premium cigars are ready and waiting for you. They come in a Cuban Crafters Humidified Travel Humidor Bag. We're sure that after purchasing this sampler you'll become a big Fatso fan.