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Cuban Crafters Vitrina Cabinet Cigar Humidor for 3000 Cigars - No free shipping

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Cuban Crafters Vitrina Cabinet Cigar Humidor for 3000 Cigars - No free shipping

Product Description ** This product does not qualify for FREE SHIPPING **

Cabinet Cigar Humidor Vitrina is a masterpiece, and now you get free shipping to your door anywhere in the continental USA. This 6 feet plus tall Cabinet cigar humidor holds up to 3,000 cigars. It combines old world craftsmanship with rare African Bubinga heartwood and virgin Spanish cedar. The Rosewood exterior is made with African Bubinga heartwood, an exotic and lustrous fine grained wood that is hard and heavy. It is strong and naturally resistant to decay, attack by termites and most wood beetles.

This cigar humidor is an exquisite piece of furniture that has all the features that you can only find in humidors 5 times the price. The interior is fine Spanish cedar, it has solid brass gold-plated hardware and the best sealing mechanism available. This revolutionary seal surrounds the inside lip of the door and assures that the humidity in the humidor will be constant and stable. As a result, this Cabinet requires less humidifier fill-ups than competing humidors. The interior is as nice as the exterior, with the 6 shelves and cigar trays, as well as the humidified sliding drawer made with fine Spanish cedar. This Cabinet humidor also brings a brass external hygrometer, 6 brick humidifiers, 2-plug electrical outlet in the interior and lock and keys. Compare the details against any other Cabinet humidor in the market and you'll be convinced that there is none better at 5 times the price.

When you open the door you will notice that, unlike the competitors models, the door is finished with Bubinga Rosewood in the inside. The smell of the Spanish cedar will tell you that it's the real thing. The door will close gently and tightly with the automatic pulley latch system. All the details make this a standout and the centerpiece of any room.

Cuban Crafters Cabinet Cigar Humidors are an excellent value and each model is an original. The entire line is specially designed to combine detailed craftsmanship with authentic Spanish cedar. The goal is to provide a perfect environment for your favorite cigars while enhancing the surroundings of the room where it is placed. Cigar enthusiasts can now have it all, high quality Cabinets and low discount prices, all with the Cuban Crafters full satisfaction money-back guarantee. 

Cuban Crafters Recommends that you activate your new humidor with Cuban Crafters Activator and Maintenance Humidor Solution. This 50/50 solution of high grade Propylene Glycol and pure distilled water helps the humidifier automatically stabilize the humidity at an optimum level of 70% and also actively prevents the formation of mold and bacteria in your humidor. 

Due to weight restrictions, these humidors can only be shipped ground within the continental USA. Shipping can not be be upgraded to 3 day, 2 day, and next day air.